In the period 1 Oct 2006- 1 Oct 2007 Tilehurst Globe  has adapted to independence whilst continuing to thrive as a lively well-regarded voluntary community group that promotes environmental sustainability. In spite of the removal of help in kind from RBC  we have forged partnerships with local businesses and established new ways of working. We have

·          Shared out tasks amongst more people. Five people now undertake routine tasks   every month.

·          Updated the Tilehurst Globe website to reflect the new circumstances

·          Produced a novices guide to using the library facilities to obtain information about Tilehurst Globe, and established good relationships with the local library staff.

·          Maintained contact with members and the public   through posters in shop windows, and via e-mail and library IT services.

·          Held regular monthly meetings on topics identified by members. The attendance at the 5 meetings since 1 April (when regular mailing ceased)  varied between 12 and 20, averaging at   15.5, drawn from more than 30 people who come to meetings

·          Undertaken extended preparation for some meetings –e.g initial discussions to formulate questions for a visiting speaker, and subsequent follow-up.

·          Taken part in RESCUE 2007 – organising sessions locally involving 96 person hours in clearing up local litter black-spots. This involves preparing posters, obtaining sponsors from local businesses, and associated follow-up activities.

·          Mounted a display at Tilehurst Show, involving a repeat of the 2006 Rubbish Quiz ( 65 entries completed by members of the public).

·          Reported back to relevant officers in RBC about (i)  the rescue litter black spots and (ii) the lack of improvement in the public’s  knowledge about how to dispose of domestic waste.

·          Undertaken a survey of bluebell species in Blundell’s copse and   removed hybrid and Spanish varieties

·          Reported regularly to RBC parks department on issues in Blundells copse (vandalism, damage etc) and routine monthly reports.

·          Attempted to make progress with youth shelter(s) in Tilehurst  in spite of minimal  professional support.