Used Battery Collection Scheme

We are pleased that we have now got a used household battery collection scheme up and running in central Tilehurst.

You can now recycle your used household batteries at the following collection points:

Put your used household batteries in the containers at the collection points and they will be disposed of in a safe, sustainable way.

You can also recycle your unwanted glasses/spectacles and used hearing aid batteries at:

Ron says what are we doing recycling so many batteries (in our first year we have safely disposed of 150 Kgs). Why don't we get a charger. Yes you can buy a charger that will charge ordinary batteries. It is all to do with the type of charger - and ordinary batteries need a pulse charge. Look on the internet and you will see that he is right. There are even some that work from solar power. Go on have a look. We are not promoting any particular ones and cannot guarantee that they will work but if you know about them, do let us know so we can spread the news!