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A September Update

As you know, we normally have our AGM at our September meeting. It should have been on the 16th September. However, it will come as no surprise that this year we are unable to hold our September meeting. We still havenít managed to agree the risk assessment requirements that are needed for our insurance and for us to be able to rent the Tilehurst Methodist Church Hall that we normally use for our meetings.

Given this situation, you can see the accounts for Tilehurst Globe that we would have presented at the September meeting here. And thank you Carol for continuing to undertake this necessary task. If you have any comments to make about the accounts please do not hesitate to let us know.

As for when we will next be able to hold a meeting in the TMC hall, who knows. The rules governing this sort of activity are very fluid at the moment as you can imagine, but we are working hard so that we can resume our events as soon as it is possible.

And if you have any other issues you would like to bring to our attention, just let us know.

Would you like to plant some crocuses in Tilehurst?

What we would like to do is for YOU and/or YOU AND YOUR FAMILY to decide where you would like to see some crocuses come up in the spring. It would have to be in a public place and somewhere where they would be very visible. The sort of places that are suitable would be along a bus route or in a verge and it would have to be in Tilehurst! You would then need to tell us where your site is. And then, if your special site is chosen for planting, we would give you some bulbs for YOU to plant in your special place, and make arrangements so the grass-cutting team know about them.

What do you think? If you have children we are sure they would love to pick a place to do the planting.

So, in short

If you would like to plant some crocuses this October:

Great British September Clean

Keep Britain Tidy are holding a September event from 11th to the 27th September.

To see how you can join in click here

Memories of VJ day

Den Malham used to live in Armour Road. In 2000 he told his recollections of growing up in Tilehurst and these are posted on the Tilehurst Memories website under the Armour section.

During the war Den was sent to Japan as part of his service. He also posted some photos of the barracks where he lived in Ichijiwa and some photos of Hiroshima too.

You can read about his time there. It is all a bit grim.

The Answers to the Pub Quiz for you

Tilehurst Pubs Past and Present

Guess you want the answers to the quiz - especially since the pubs are now open.Make sure you look after them and yourselves and use them responsibly so that they stay open.

Click here to see the answers.

A Quiz for you

Tilehurst Pubs Past and Present

For ages we have taken a stall at the FOBH fete in June on Victoria Rec. One of the things we like to do is have a free quiz for people to have a bit of fun without it costing them any money. Local businesses usually donate great prizes. The quiz is usually about things close to our hearts. In 2011 we had a quiz called A Pub Crawl around Tilehurst. We asked for a tiebreaker because we thought that people would know the answers quite easily.

These are the tiebreakers that were submitted:

And look what has happened now.

We have had a nasty shock. The pubs are closed just when we need them for all the reasons given in the tiebreakers. So since we can't go to the pubs, here is another quiz about our local pubs. We are not giving prizes. It is just a bit of fun - to help you think about the pubs (as if you need any help) while we are still in lockdown and not able to visit them.

Click here to see the quiz

The pictures hint at the name of a pub past or present. You have to decide what the name of the pub is, and what the name of it is now - or at least what it is now.

And let us hope that after the pubs get back into the swing of things that we can keep them open to serve our community - just like the 2011 tiebreakers said.

Have fun.

Have Your say on the future of Transport in Reading

Reading Council are in the process of undertaking a consultation on the future of traffic in Reading. They want your views. Read all about it and make sure you have your say.The consultation end on 30th August 2020.

This is what the council have put together so far.
On Tuesday 26 May we held a Reading Transport Live Q&A event. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and to those who joined us on the night. A recording of the event is now available here.

Highlights of the event included:

A brief presentation by Cllr Tony Page on the Transport Strategy vision and objectives, including an outline of potential initiatives for Reading;

A discussion around the impact of Covid-19 on transport, traffic levels and the impact on Reading's environment;

Information about the options to re-allocate road space in parts of Reading to make walking and cycling easier and safer;

A chance for people to pose transport strategy questions to Cllr Tony Page and Cllr Adele Barnett-Ward.

We received a large number of questions and we were unable to respond to all of these during the session. We will provide a written response to the issues raised and this will be added shortly to Ask TransportRDG The event was an opportunity for people to find out more about Reading's New Transport Strategy, which is currently out for public consultation.

You can take part in the consultation and read the draft strategy here.

Our Meetings and Events

Please note that due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions all monthly meetings have been suspended until further notice.

Also we were planning a planting event on 29th March, however under the current circumstances there is no alternative but to cancel this event and to cancel any other events for the time being.

However if you are so minded and were saving any wildflowers for us to plant, please keep them for a time when we will be able to plant them in the bund.

Thanks for your understanding and take care.

Our Tilehurst Memories Website

While you are sitting wondering what to do in these awkward weeks, why not take the opportunity of writing down your memories of what Tilehurst was like in the past.

You may have seen our webpage Tilehurst Memories. If not make sure you have a look. Go down this page a bit and you will find a link to it. There is lots there about what Tilehurst was like in days gone by as told by local people.

People love to write about the old days and people love to read about them too. Write it all down and send them in to us. You may even have some old photos of family and events from the past.

If you do send in your memories we will post it on our Tilehurst Memories site for everyone to enjoy.

Go on - get going. And even if you don't you could get you Mum and Dad or Gran and Grandad to tell you their memories and then you could send them in.

We look forward to seeing what you have to tell us.

Our village

We were shocked when the Tilehurst Village Butchers closed down. And now we are equally shocked to learn that the local newsagents is to close. We thought they would be here forever. But it seems that some of our local businesses are not in such good shape as perhaps we thought they were. We have always encouraged people to use our local services and businesses. These are difficult times and we should make sure that whenever possible we shop local. Our local businesses support us in many ways - now it is time to support them.

Where it started

GLOBE stands for Go Local on a Better Environment.

Globe groups were set up across Reading in 1994 as part of Reading Borough Council's response to the Rio summit, where world leaders met to discuss global environment issues.

The Tilehurst Globe group takes action on a wide range of local environmental issues. These include the cleanliness and safety of Tilehurst's streets and open spaces and support for allotment holders.

One such project is a guide to exploring Tilehurst's woodlands and parks. The web site for this guide is www.walkontheweb.org.uk.

We have also been working on a project to collect local people's memories and recollections of Tilehurst when they were growing up. We have produced a small booklet called Memories of Tilehurst and we have also put together a website www.tilehurstmemories.org.uk.

Reading Borough Council announced that as from April 2007 they would no longer provide the same level of support and partnership for the Reading Globe groups. They have given us a small grant, and we now continue as an independent group. We are are proud of our achievements and are committed to continuing to work with the people of Tilehurst to provide a forum for their views and undertake projects for the benefit of everyone.

We value your views

We continue to 'work to develop a community vision for Tilehurst', and to 'go local on a better environment'. We want to communicate with as many local residents and businesses as possible. So if you want to information about what we do, please take a little time to fill in the questionnaire to help us plan our future.

Our sponsors

We have received fantastic support from local businesses. Many have become sponsors (see panel on left) and have pledged to help us. We are immensely grateful to them. If you are a local business and wish to help us, don't hold back!

Click here for contact details.