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Which Globe activities do you participate in?

Attend regular meetings? :       Nearly Always       Sometimes:       Never:

Attend meetings with guest speaker? :       Nearly Always       Sometimes:       Never:

Read or discuss minutes or news? :       Nearly Always       Sometimes:       Never:

Do you join in with the clearup events eg RESCUE?:       Nearly Always:       Sometimes:       Never:

Do you join in with the practical tasks eg Bluebells in Blundells Copse?:       Nearly Always:       Sometimes:       Never:

Do you join our organised walks? :       Nearly Always       Sometimes:       Never:

Do you visit our stalls at local shows? :       Nearly Always       Sometimes:       Never:


How do you hear about Tilehurst Globe events? :

Monthly letter:       Monthly email:       Noticeboard:       Press:
Other (please specify):

How do you want to receive information about Tilehurst Globe events? :

To ensure Independent Tilehurst Globe can continue, we propose to send as much information to people by e-mail as possible.

Do you have your own email address?       Yes:       No:

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Do you have any other comments/views about Tilehurst Globe?

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