Hedges and wildflowers in Blundell's Copse

On Sunday 26th February, some valiant volunteers turned out in the cold to lay a hedge by the Calder Close entrance to Blundell's Copse. They also planted a new hedge and scattered wildflower seeds to create a wildflower meadow by the entrance off the alleyway up to Moorlands School. This is part of the programme of improvements that are ongoing in Blundell's.

Picture 1 - A good length of hedge was added to the bit that was done last November.

Picture 2 -A new bit of hedge was planted and wildflower seeds were sown.

Picture 3 -Bindings were laid along the length of the hedge.

Picture 4 -Some brave volunteers enjoyed slashing at the shrubs in order to lay them!

But we all had fun and didn't suffer too much from the cold - we were too busy!

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