Leaflets about Circular Walks in Tilehurst

We have published five leaflets about our local woods and parks.

You can look at them here and/or collect your free copy from Tilehurst Library. But whatever you do get out and look at what is on your doorstep!

Arthur Newbery Park.
Blagrave Recreation Ground.
Blundells Copse.
Lousehill Copse.
McIlroys Park.

Leaflets about Threats to our Woodlands

We have produced two new leaflets. One is about the Oak Processionary Moth, which is a serious threat to our native oak trees. One is about Japanese Knotweed, which is a threat to our native woodland plants and waterways.

Oak Processionary Moth.
Japanese Knotweed.

Leaflets in the series In and Around Tilehurst

Drinking Fountains

We have published a new leaflet about the drinking troughs in Tilehurst.

Drinking Fountains and Cattle Troughs.

A History of Tilehurst

At our last meeting in 2018, Mike Keep came and gave a super talk on the History of Tilehurst. To accompany the talk we gave out a leaflet of the talk to those who attended. We only just had enough! So we have put a pdf of the booklet here too so that everyone has a chance to read it.